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At present, my wishlist is confined to Battle Athletes cels. While I do collect from other series, I am not actively searching out any particular cel from them. If you have anything on my wishlist and are looking to sell, please send me feedback! I'm sure I will make it worth your while. ;)

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Series/Description    Sample    Priority
Battle Athletes - Akari - Satellite uniform
A full-length pan cel of Akari in any outfit but her overalls. Bonus points for matching background! Very High
A shot of Akari with the "tails" in her hair standing straight up (either in surprise or from the scene with the osaka newsman when she pulls it with string) Very High
Battle Athletes - Ayla
Nice portrait cel of Ayla with matching background. Background must be of high quality. High
Battle Athletes - Episode 26 End Credits
Any cels from the Episode 26 "Where are they now?" ending credit sequence. Will Give Kidney
Battle Athletes - Ling-Pha
Portrait cel of Ling-Pha open-eyed with matching background. Background must be of high quality. Medium
Battle Athletes - Opening Credits
Opening cel from Battle Athletes TV zoomed in on Akari's face with the flamingos in the background. Will Give Kidney
The original background or high quality laser copy of the background from my Akari OP cel with her full body shot running with the flamingos. Will Give Kidney
Battle Athletes - Tomoe
Portrait cel of Tomoe *not* looking angry, agitated, or psycho. Must have high quality matching background. Medium
Battle Athletes - TV
Any cels of the Nerilians. Priority to those with matching backgrounds, but I'm really looking for any cels of them. High
Cels of any "bit" characters that have speaking parts that I do not already have one of. Low

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