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Battle Athletes - End Credits

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These are the production "cels" from the ending credit sequence, in order from A1 to A208. Normally I crop images to eliminate ragged edges and unpainted areas, but due to the nature of these items I an presenting them in their entirety. As you can gather from actually watching the show, these are not cels in a traditional sense, as it would probably be very difficult to obtain this look with acetate and paint. The paper sheets have been attached to trimmed or full acetate sheets to provide registration holes for filming. Unfortunately, this lot did not come with the "B" layer pentagonal cut-outs that would have framed these images. As a side note, there is no cel A77. The timing sheet has it erased and replaced with A78, and there seems to be an explanation written on the sheet in Japanese that of course I can't read.

 ED - A49

 ED - A50

 ED - A51

 ED - A52

 ED - A53

 ED - A54

 ED - A55

 ED - A56

 ED - A57

 ED - A58

 ED - A59

 ED - A60

 ED - A61

 ED - A62

 ED - A63

 ED - A64

 ED - A65

 ED - A66

 ED - A67

 ED - A68

 ED - A69

 ED - A70

 ED - A71

 ED - A72
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